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Stray or Abandoned Animals

What to do if you’ve found a stray?

Admitting a stray to Friends of Strays

We are a limited admission animal shelter founded in 1978. Since we do not euthanize animals to make room for others, our space is limited. In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our animals, staff, and visitors, we must follow a structured admissions process. Therefore, we cannot accept walk-ins or drop-offs; pets are admitted by appointment only. If you cannot care for the stray that you have found and would like to discuss the possibilities of admitting him or her to Friends of Strays for adoption, please follow the steps of our admissions process:

Email to request an admissions appointment
for a stray or abandoned animal

Appointments are made based on available space. To make an appointment please email info@friendsofstrays.org with details and your contact info.  All pets must pass our medical and behavior evaluations.

At the appointment

Please bring the following things with you to your appointment:

There is not a set fee to bring an animal in, but we do appreciate any monetary donations to go towards the animals' care. 

*Note: an admissions appointment does not guarantee that the animals you found will be accepted. After a thorough examination of the pet, we will consider accepting it if we determine that it has a reasonable chance of being adopted.  If we do not feel the pet is an adoption candidate, we will provide you with other options.