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Where Are They Now? Kiara & Hurley

Where Are They Now?

"Kiara, previously known as Malibu, was adopted on 2/25/2016. She is spoiled as ever and such an amazing part of our family! We could not imagine life without her. 
A few fun facts about her:
-Loves to sit in our laps (all 55 lbs of her)
-favorite weekend adventure is getting puppacinos from Starbucks 
-huge fan of bark boxes & car rides 
-spoiled rotten"

"Hurley, previously known as "Apache", is a proud FOS alumni. Currently 9 months old and 88 pounds, Hurley absolutely loves to greet every person, dog, and cat he meets on his walks. He's the sweetest guy I know and has the purest little heart. Hurley loves going on camping trips with his mom and his friends, snores like an old man, and thoroughly enjoys cuddles and butt scratches. I can't picture life without him!"

We are so happy that Kiara and Hurley have both found such fun and loving homes! Do you have a FOS Alumni? Email us (jami@friendsofstrays.org) or send us a Facebook Message with pictures and a story about their new life! We'd love to hear how they're doing!