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Puppy Snuggle Break: Doyle Wealth Management

Little wiggly Porsche headed over to Doyle Wealth Management for a snuggle break. It was hard to tell who enjoyed the visit more; her or the employees!


She captured the hearts of all who were there with her wiggly butt and unlimited kisses.  


She was told many times that she was a 'good girl' and she really was! She sat for treats, and was very generous in the love she gave to everyone.


She loved showing everyone how good she was at fetch! Ifyou would like to have puppies of kittens come by your place of business for a Snuggle Break, please reach out to Info@FriendsofStrays.org for more information. 


Porsche is only 6-months-old and is available for adoption at Friends of Strays.