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LeeLoo is off to have adventures on the high seas!

Today we're checking in with Leeloo and her life at sea! This little FOS alumni is calling her new home the Tall Ship Lynx and her dad Captain Alex! This reinterpretive replica of a 1812 privateer ship has plenty of nooks and crannies for Leeloo to explore, but her favorite place is right by dad in his bunk. Down below Leeloo is happy to sit for treats and play with crinkly balls of paper. On deck Leeloo is aware of all her surroundings, enjoys just laying around watching the birds fly by, or playing with the other crewmen. Leeloo is getting adjusted to her lifejacket harness so that she can be fully prepared when they take for the seas! 

You can take a sail on the Tall Ship Lynx, meet Leeloo, and have a lesson on sailing, or follow them on their adventures by checking out their website: http://tallshiplynx.com/ or their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tallshiplynx/