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Friends of Strays Shelter Improvements

Throughout this year we’ve been planning and steadily working on renovations and improvements to the shelter made possible thanks to the generosity of many supporters. Over the next few weeks, Friends of Strays will continue to undergo some much-needed renovations that will improve the health of our animals as well as improving the aesthetics of the shelter. 

One project in the works has been to replace the doors in the adoption center and the cat rooms with glass panel doors that will not only allow for improved views into the rooms for staff and adopters, but will also significantly improve functionality. The current doors were set up to be swing doors and were retrofitted at some time with lock bolts to secure the room allowing for cats to free roam at night in designated groups. The new doors will have full-length glass panels and will be fitted with standard hardware including locking door handles which will not only improve the appearance of the individual cat rooms and the adoption center but will make for much more natural daily use by our animal care staff and visitors. 

Next, we will be (at long last!) replacing the flooring throughout the shelter. If you have visited Friends of Strays lately (or any time in the last 20 plus years), you may have noticed that our floors are not in the best condition. The old brick patterned vinyl tiles that have been part of the shelter’s décor for decades have seen better days and the time has come to replace them. We are planning to install new flooring throughout the shelter which will not only look amazing, but will allow us to provide a healthier environment for our animals. The current flooring traps dirt and germs and despite regular thorough cleaning, is never truly clean. The new flooring will be sealed to hold up to the rigorous cleaning and disinfecting needs of the shelter. 

Finally, we are testing out a new room standard for one of our cat rooms that has, at times, seen outbreaks of ringworm, a common fungal infection of the skin. By replacing the drywall and ceiling tiles with scrubbable vinyl panels in addition to the new flooring, we hope to significantly decrease the instances of ringworm within the shelter. 

Stay tuned for updates on
and photos of our progress!

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