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A curious observer, Patches likes to know where you're at while perched on her favorite cat tree! She takes some time to warm up, but once she does, head scratches are a go-to for this feline. She is a quiet and proper lady and is the best watch-cat in the shelter. If you’re looking for a laid back lady, Patches is your girl!... Read more

Published: 03/28/17


Meet Ziti! This adorable little lady needs just a few moments of your time to steal your heart. She will happily curl up on your lap and purr the day away, or get out some string and she'll pounce and play! Come adopt this sweet kitty today!... Read more

Published: 03/28/17


Kida is a precious little lady who's whole body wiggles when she's happy. She walks great on a leash, loves a good snuggle, and is looking for a forever home! Come adopt this sweet girl... Read more

Published: 03/28/17


Just 2 months old, Higgins arrived on our doorstep as a mewing kitten in the summer of 2012... Read more

Published: 03/10/17


I arrived at Friends of Strays right before I turned 2 years old. It was the first day of August in 2011... Read more

Published: 03/07/17

Mazie and Ambrose

Looking for a Purrfect Pair to complete your home? Meet Mazie and Ambrose... Read more

Published: 03/06/17


In January 2011, a super cute and fluffy 3-month old kitten arrived that we named Martina... Read more

Published: 03/06/17


Penn is our longest-term resident here. He came in when he was just a year old in 2010. He is basically the know-all of our shelter cats. He knows the routines, how things work here, and which cats to befriend. Read more

Published: 03/03/17


Chess can be a bit of a mystery. His beautiful eyes hold secrets only those worthy will discover. A little shy, Chess does warm up to those who take the time, and we know in a patient household, he will be an awesome companion. Though he is currently in a foster home to see more of the world, we would love for him to find his forever home.... Read more

Published: 02/16/17


Named after the woman who lead Lewis and Clark through their travels, Sacagawea is a cat who likes to be in the middle of it all. Whether you’re making the bed, cooking a meal, or walking around, she will be there to help you along the way. Sacagawea makes friends easily and plays well with all the other felines in her room. Come meet her to see if she will lead you to your destiny! ... Read more

Published: 02/15/17