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Featured Pet

Feature Friday: Scamp

Hi! I'm Scamp! I'm new here, so I can be a little shy, but I've been told I'm a really fun person to know! I really like hanging out with my feline friends, but meeting new people is high on my list! It's kind of like public speaking, I know what I want to say, I just have a hard time getting it out. Fun Fact: I'm a sucker for chin scratches. I hope you're able to come in and meet me!... Read more

Published: 03/16/18

Feature Friday: Daggat

Meet Daggat! While this gorgeous boy may be a bit shy and reserved at first, one pet is all it takes to win his heart and have him melt into a puddle of love right in your lap! Fast forward to the best part with this handsome senior man and all of the purrs that come with it!... Read more

Published: 02/23/18

Feature Friday: Saylor

Saylor is a handsome and laid back guy. Always available for some sweet chin scratches he enjoys his daily afternoon naps accompanied with a treat. He is the perfect guy if you're looking for some relaxing company. He may be listening, he may be asleep. What matters is that he promises to be there for you.... Read more

Published: 02/09/18


Kylie gets an A+ in head boops. She might need a moment or two to warm up, but once this gorgeous girl is feeling safe, she is ready for some loving. She doesn’t mind being held, and believes nothing is better than a good nap! So, if you need a new napping partner who has lots of love to give Kylie is the girl for you!... Read more

Published: 01/02/18


Smokey is a handsome gentleman with a hidden playful side! He is looking for soothing pets, naps in the sunshine, and the occasional play session! Smokey would be happy in any home, so why not yours?!... Read more

Published: 12/18/17