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Featured Pet


Harriet wouldn’t make a very good spy. She’s too eager to get pets to wait around and see what you’re up to. But trust that she will come and find you when it’s treat time. When is treat time, you ask? All the time, according to Harriet.... Read more

Published: 08/04/17


Daisy is a goofy little lady who came in with a handful of kittens. Finally free of their demands, Daisy can now demand love for herself! She can’t wait to find a home where she will get all the love and attention she could imagine! Optimistic and enthusiastic, Daisy is one of a kind. Come adopt this sweet girl! #dollopofdaisy... Read more

Published: 08/01/17


A curious observer, Patches likes to know where you're at while perched on her favorite cat tree! She takes some time to warm up, but once she does, head scratches are a go-to for this feline. She is a quiet and proper lady and is the best watch-cat in the shelter. If you’re looking for a laid back lady, Patches is your girl!... Read more

Published: 03/28/17


I arrived at Friends of Strays right before I turned 2 years old. It was the first day of August in 2011... Read more

Published: 03/07/17

Mazie and Ambrose

Looking for a Purrfect Pair to complete your home? Meet Mazie and Ambrose... Read more

Published: 03/06/17


In January 2011, a super cute and fluffy 3-month old kitten arrived that we named Martina... Read more

Published: 03/06/17