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A curious observer, Patches likes to know where you're at while perched on her favorite cat tree! She takes some time to warm up, but once she does, head scratches are a go-to for this feline. She is a quiet and proper lady and is the best watch-cat in the shelter. If you’re looking for a laid back lady, Patches is your girl!... Read more

Published: 03/28/17


I arrived at Friends of Strays right before I turned 2 years old. It was the first day of August in 2011... Read more

Published: 03/07/17

Mazie and Ambrose

Looking for a Purrfect Pair to complete your home? Meet Mazie and Ambrose... Read more

Published: 03/06/17


In January 2011, a super cute and fluffy 3-month old kitten arrived that we named Martina... Read more

Published: 03/06/17